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Sponsorship Opportunities

Hit Ball Far is growing, and has a large membership of followers between our contact lists, memberships, social media pages, and our website. To go along with digital packaging, we can also highlight your business and bring value in numerous ways with our 15 tournament season. Below are just a few of our 2024 sponsorship options along with our current offerings. Customization, yeah we do that. Contact us today at so we can discuss the right plan for you!

2024 Offerings

Hole Sponsor

Leaderboard King Promotion example.jpg
Yard Sign Example.jfif

Cost: $350

18” X 24” Sign on designated hole—Including company name and number  

Company Logo on Leaderboard King Live Scoring App  

Company listed on Sponsors banner on home page of

2 Monthly Social Media Shout outs thru 2024 season

2024 Ultimate Membership

Individual Tourney Sponsor

HBF Golfer Guy.PNG
Logo no background_edited.png

Cost: $800


1 Tournament (Excludes Tour Championship) for the 2024 season

  • Ex. “Company Name Championship presented by Hit Ball Far Tour”

3' Banner at Registration Tent

8.5” by 11” Promotional Signage ate Registration Tent

5 Facebook Shares to our 950+ member page

  • Content needs approval by HBF leadership

  • Strategic timing to maximize exposure

  • Partnership Announcement via all HBF modes

  • 3 addition post dependent upon sponsor

  • "Thank You" post following tournament

Bronze (Season)

HBF Golfer Guy.PNG
Logo no background_edited_edited_edited.png

Cost: $1250.00

Includes all the benefits of the Hole Sign Sponsor 

Includes all the benefits of the Individual Tournament Sponsor

Website home page banner ad 1 week prior to event and 1 week after event

During their 1 sponsored event:

  • Set up tent near scoring area and check-in area

  • Run a marketing campaign during tournament week to promote product or services to membership. (Must be approved and distributed by HBF Tour Leadership)

Silver (Season)

HBF Golfer Guy.PNG
Logo no background_edited.png

Cost: $1,750.00

Includes all the benefits of the Bronze Sponsor (Full Season)

Fully comp'd entry for one player into 2 events. Excludes Tour Championship

  • Does not include optional skins

​Full time banner on the top of

  • This option can be linked to sponsor’s website

Full height sign next to check in and scoring table at all events

Marketing campaign IE: Email, website every 30 days

  • Must be approved and distributed by HBF Tour Management 

  • 1 Social Media ad per week throughout the season

Gold (Season)

HBF Golfer Guy.PNG
Logo no background_edited_edited.png

Cost: $2,500

Includes all the benefits of the Silver Sponsor (Full Season)

Weekly marketing campaigns to HBF Membership

  • Must be approved and distributed by HBF Tour Leadership

Fully comped entry for one into 2 events, including Tour Championship

Availability to set up a table near check in and scoring at all events

Individual Tournament sponsor for two separate events

Access to the Facebook group

Weekly ads per HBF Tour standards

Two-minute speaking window at all HBF Events to promote company

Tour Championship

Tour CHampionship Pic.png

Cost: $5,000

2 Seasons

All the benefits of the Silver Sponsor & Hole Sponsor

HBF Ultimate Memberships for 2024 & 2025 Season ($170 Value)

1 Tour Championship Exemptions Each Season ($550 Value)

  • Golfers must maintain active GHIN

  • This is normally a qualify only event, only Sponsor or Sponsors Guest will receive this Banners

Priority Signage at all Tournament Setups

  • Registration Tent

  • Front Course Entrance

  • First Tee Box

  • Scorecards

  • Yard Signs

Presentation/Speaking Moments at 2 Day Event​

Flyers placed at Golf HQ, Championship Venue, Posted to multiple Social Golf Sites

2 Barrel Head Trophies for office & home display

Tour Championship Naming rights:


"Company Name Tour Championship: Presented by Hit Ball Far"

Title Sponsorship

tour championship belt_edited.png

Cost: $??????


1 Full Season

Name our tour.........seriously!

This package will be a complete customization. Lets work together!


"Company Name Golf Tour: Presented by Hit Ball Far"

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