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Match Play Hub

           Hit Ball Far tour is proud to present our match play series, one of our most popular and fun events of the season! Below you will find current and historical Match Play Brackets, so you can show your buddies at the office. These are placed here for bragging rights and proof that you do in fact ...... HIT. BALL. FAR!!!


  1. Tee boxes

    1. Players are asked to agree upon tee boxes when they set their match up.

                  a.  Players 48 or older have a one-time option to play one tee box up.

  1. 47 and under -6,300 yard guideline

  2. 48 to 60 - 6,000 yard guideline

  3. 60+ - 5600 yard guideline

  4. Match Completion

    1. All matches are complete after 18 holes. If the match is still tied, there will be a sudden death playoff starting on Hole #1. Net strokes will carry over from original 18 holes.

    2. All matches must go 14 holes. If 14 holes are played and for any reason the full match wasn’t completed, the result after 14 holes will be deemed official.

  5. All players will receive 75% of their course adjusted handicap for team match play. Low player will be zeroed out.

  6. All Teams must go to in the Match Play Hub and submit their names, tee boxes, golf course, and date/time on the google drive. Specific handicaps will be released on Facebook the morning of the matches.

  7. HBF will set 2 tee times on the last Saturday of each match play period. This option will be a "no excuse" option available to remedy teams unable to come to terms.

  8. After Round 1, the winners will advance in the main bracket. The losers will move to a new lower bracket. After Round 1, both brackets will be single elimination.

  9. Team Payouts - Champions Bracket (Payouts listed per team)

    1.  1st $2,000​

    2.  2nd $1200

    3. 3rd/4th $500

    4. 5th-8th $100

  10. Team Payouts - 2nd Chance Bracket (Payouts listed per team)​

    1. 1st $400​

    2. 2nd $200

  11. Singles Payouts​​​

If matches aren’t completed and the teams can't come to terms, whichever team is not available to play in the last Saturday of the scheduled period will be disqualified. If both cannot play, a coin-flip on FB Live will determine the winner.



 We will update the brackets weekly, WE GOT YOU!

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