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2024 Membership Options

The Hit Ball Far Tour has multiple options for 2024 Membership. The Basic package which allows anyone with a GHIN to play regular season events only (Match Play excluded), or the Ultimate Membership which gives you access to all tournaments including the HBF Tour Championship. The Ultimate package also grants access to the season long individual points list and post season tournament and their large payouts! 

Basic Membership Photo_edited.jpg

Basic Membership

This package will allow access to play any of our 2024 regular season tournaments. Excludes tour championship and season points championship. This option is best fit for those who have schedules that limit their tournament availability, but want to compete periodically. 

Ultimate Membership Photo_edited.jpg

Ultimate Membership

This package includes access to all HBF  regular season events,  entry into the season long points competition, Match Play Events access, as well as the HBF Tour Championship!

The golf league on steroids!

GHIN Membership Photo_edited.png


This is an A la carte option to have an official USGA GHIN Membership granted by the tour. This option does not grant access to any HBF tournaments. 

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