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 Winter League Standings

Winter LEague Standings.png

*1st Place = $400 / 2nd Place = $200 / Each Win = $10

Tee 24.png


Contact info

- If the simulator misses or doesn't record a shot consecutively, please look at the Trackman device (on the ground) If the light is flashing and not solid, please reset the device only (not the iPad) by holding the power button for a few seconds. Wait 30 seconds and power back up and resume playing.


-Tee24 will have 24/7 access in the next few weeks. Until then their staffed hours are 4pm-+-9pm on weekdays. However, if you'd like to use the facility before 4pm, please contact Rob Gilliam (contact info below) at least an hour before hand and he can arrange for access. 

- Restrooms are located thru the door on your left as you enter the facility. This door leads to the adjacent business (batting cage).


Brandon Hardymon - HBF


Matt Veltman - HBF


Rob Gilliam - Tee24

Winter League Info.png
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